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DPE04M8-SP Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, Compressors, and Fans

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Thermodynamics applies to a wide variety of topics in science. Thermodynamics deals with heat, work and conversion of energy from one form to another.  Hence knowledge of thermodynamics is required to design devices that involve interchange of heat and work. Fans and blowers provide air for ventilation and are selected depending on the flow rate, pressure, type of material handled based on the industrial requirements. 
This course provides several applications in different scientific fields of thermodynamics, compressors, fans and blowers. 
After completion of this course, students will have a clear knowledge about some of the basic laws like gas law, Charles law, Avagadro’s law, thermodynamics, fans, compressors and blowers.



  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Electrical engineers
  • Process Engineering
  • Production Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors
  • Instrumentation and Process Control Technicians




  • Gas laws
  • Boyle’s law
  • Charles’ law
  • Dalton’s law
  • Avogadro’s law
  • Ideal gas law
  • Specific heat 
  • Compressibility 
  • Obert-nelson charts



  • Thermodynamics basics 
  • Internal energy 
  • Various thermodynamic systems 
  • First law of thermodynamics 
  • Thermodynamic process 
  • Enthalpy 
  • Specific heat relations 



  • Adiabatic process 
  • Adiabatic compression work 
  • Polytropic process 
  • Polytropic compression work 
  • Thermodynamic processes 
  • Adiabatic and polytropoc efficiencies 
  • Power for compression 



  • Compressors: classification and operating principles 
  • Compressor types 
  • PD compressors 
  • Compressor parts 
  • PD compressor types 
  • Dynamic compressor & types 
  • Compressor terminology
  • Compressor selection criteria 
  • Compressors – comparison 



  • Compressor  - intercoolers/aftercoolers 
  • Intercoolers/aftercoolers types 



  • Roots/lobe blowers 
  • Principle of operation 
  • Casings 
  • Arrangement of accessories in a roots blower
  • Applications 



  • Operating principles of fans 
  • Common fan configurations 
  • Centrifugal fans 
  • Axial flow fans 


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Nabeel Ashraf

Nabeel has over 20 years’ experience in the area of Civil Construction Design and Mechanical Engineering. After completing his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, Nabeel started his career as a Site Engineer in an air-conditioning firm where he was involved in planning, designing and execution of site plans for air-conditioning systems. He later joined construction industry as Maintenance Engineer where has was in charge of the maintenance work of heavy machinery. Nabeel has a passion for teaching and worked as a part time lecturer in engineering in different universities in Australia and also overseas. He was also involved in the research work and was a jury member for many Master’s theses dissertation. For the past nine years he has been working as a Lecturer at North Metropolitan TAFE, Perth. In addition to his teaching duties at TAFE, Nabeel has also been involved in conducting training need analysis of the trainees working in different organisations in Perth. He is advising the employers the training needs solutions of their trainees from Cert III to the Advanced Diploma level. Nabeel is a knowledgeable and extremely passionate lecturer.

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