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DEI11M6-SP Overview of Switchgears and Circuit Breakers for High and Medium Voltage Levels

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  • Investment: US$ 99

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Switchgears help in protecting our modern power system network, from generation to distribution end. For proper control, protection and maintenance of a transformer, a well-bred switchgear system is required. As there are various voltage levels from generating to the distribution centers, various types of switchgears are required depending upon the requirements. Electrical switchgear also includes circuit breakers which help in protecting the circuit from over load or from short circuit.
This course gives a clear layout about switchgears and circuit breakers for high and medium voltage levels.
After completion of this course, students will have a clear idea about the urge and purpose of using a switch gear and circuit breakers. They will also know about the various types of circuit breakers being used presently.


  • Electrical engineers
  • Electronics engineers
  • Power system analysts
  • Instrumentation engineers
  • Process Engineers/Operators
  • University Power System educators
  • Electricians
  • Machine Operators




  • Definition of switchgear
  • Outdoor open type
  • Outdoor metal enclosed type
  • Indoor metal enclosed type
  • Metal enclosed & metal clad
  • Switch gear configuration
  • Panel – single and double bus 
  • 2 bus and double bus switchgear
  • Ring main unit
  • Insulation & gas insulated switchgear



  • MV switchgear components
  • Auxiliary devices & power
  • Control, Measuring & protection element
  • Earthing arrangement
  • Safety interlocks & features
  • Switchgear functions
  • Standards
  • LV switch gear – Major types
  • LV switchboard
  • Safety features
  • IEC 62272-200 arc containment criteria



  • Instrument transformers
  • Current transformer types
  • Protection Vs. metering CTs
  • Voltage transformers
  • Maintenance and asset management
  • Important asset classes
  • Types of maintenance in use
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Condition determination for CBM
  • Reliability – Centered Maintenance(RCM)
  • Risk matrix
  • Preventative task categories
  • Insulation deterioration & causes
  • Major diagnostic techniques
  • Simple Insulation Resistance test & results
  • Switchgear panel PD sites
  • Transient Earth Voltage(TEV) monitoring
  • PD monitoring
  • DDF testing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Problems in switchgear
  • Defect management



  • Circuit breakers – Need & Utilization
  • CB fault clearing time
  • Arc behavior during breaker operation
  • Oil CB 'explosion pot' Arc control device
  • Side vent arc control device
  • Oil volume circuit breaker
  • Basic air blast circuit breaker
  • Axial air blast circuit breaker
  • Performance of oil and air blast circuit



  • SF6 circuit breakers
  • Puffer type SF6 circuit breaker
  • Rotating arc type SF6 circuit breaker
  • Application & benefits of SF6 
  • Vacuum CB interrupter
  • Current chopping in a vacuum CB
  • Advantages & disadvantages of vacuum switchgear
  • Comparison of breaker types
  • Comparison of circuit breakers & their installation medium
  • CB failure to trip


  • Operation mechanisms used in breakers
  • CB/Switchgear Ratings
  • Indoor equipment
  • Special service conditions
  • Effect of altitude
  • Voltage ratings
  • Rated insulation level
  • Rated short time & peak withstand current
  • Symmetrical and Asymmetrical rating
  • DC offset



  • LV Circuit Breakers
  • Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)
  •  Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Type of releases for ACB/MCCB
  •  LV air CB adjustable characteristics
  • MCCB current and current-time co-ordination
  • Miniature circuit breakers


Plan Name Investment
Unlimited Access for 2 Years: US$ 99


Deepak Pais

B.E (Electrical & Electronics)

Deepak started his career within the Zinc mining & smelting industry as Project Engineer in Substation & Distribution Greenfield project. He then worked in a Marine and Logistics firm in the Bahamas as Maintenance and Commissioning Engineer. Following this he worked with Japanese and German automobile firms as Maintenance Engineer for Distribution and Utility related systems. He currently works as an Engineer in a regional NSW electricity Distribution utility.

Deepak has hands on experience in Distribution, Utility and Substation related systems. He has a particular interest in the consistent interpretation and implementation of Greenfield and Brownfield Standards with an emphasis on safety, reliability, economy and whole of life cost analysis.


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