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DEIM1-SP Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

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Electricity has become part and parcel of our life. Power systems are mainly used to transfer electric power primarily with three phase AC generators. The power being generated is transmitted to the substations present in highly populated centers through different ways which, in turn distributed to various consumers for different purposes. Electrical system maintenance is one of the most important aspects, without protection which, all stem fail. According to the system need, the voltage has to be changed. So, it is essential to sense for fault and protect the electrical systems with utmost care while using them.
This course is designed for students to learn about power system, power generation, transmission and distribution. It also gives a better knowledge on safety measures for protecting electrical instruments.
At the end of the course students will know about AC & DC powers and how the power gets transmitted through transmission lines.  Most important of all, students will know how to protect their electrical systems.



  • Electricians
  • Electric Power Utility engineers
  • Electrical Engineers/Technicians
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Safety Facilitators
  • Process Safety and Loss Prevention Managers
  • Instrumentation & Control Technicians and Engineers
  • Power System engineers
  • Testing engineers
  • Power system analysts




  • Role of electricity
  • Steps in electricity production
  • Power system


AC & AC waveform

  • Single phase generator
  • Three phase AC
  • Electrical power & energy
  • Single phase AC power
  • Power in AC circuits
  • Active and reactive power
  • Power triangle & formula
  • Power calculation – 3 phase
  • Three phase system loads (star)
  • Three phase system loads (delta)
  • Three phase loads - Example
  • 3 phase vs. 1 phase



  • Power system configuration
  • Power networks
  • Power generation and methods
  • Thermal fossil fuels
  • Coal fired power stations
  • Steam turbine, Nuclear power station and Gas turbine
  • Hydro-electric power station
  • Wind & Solar thermal generation
  • Geo thermal & tidal 
  • Voltage levels
  • Power transmission
  • AC vs. DC Power transmission
  • Power distribution



  • Transmission and distribution
  • Three phase power network
  • Reactive power
  • Series compensation
  • Phase relationship



  • Transformers
  • Single phase transformer
  • 3 phase - Internal arrangement
  • Large power transformer
  • Pole-mounted distribution transformer
  • Transformer parameters
  • Distribution equipment
  • Circuit breakers
  • SF6 circuit breaker advantages
  • Compact VCB in a panel
  • Disconnectors and Indoor isolator
  • Substations
  • Indoor distribution subsystem
  • Industrial subsystem
  • Overhead power lines & Distribution line
  • Overhead T&D
  • OHT vs. cable distribution
  • HVDC cable system



  • Motors
  • AC motor control & Operating characteristics
  • DC motors
  • Principle & limitation of DC machine
  • Power electronics & components
  • Silicon carbide power MOSFET
  • Power quality equipment & problems
  • Power system protection
  • Protection components & devices
  • Earthing – system & protective earthing
  • Isolation
  • Earthing of lightning protection system
  • Bonding
  • Electrical safety measures


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Frikkie Marx

Pr Eng, B Sc (Eng) Senior Engineer

Frikkie has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Power Systems from design to industrialisation. He started his career on the Power System Protection side, then migrated to EMC and Power Supply Systems. Frikkie's portfolio of achievements includes the design of Power Systems, Switch Mode Power Supplies, UPS, high precision Servo Amplifiers, battery and Inverter Design for solar panel applications, vehicle management, specialised computer systems and high current starter for vehicle plants. Lecturer and course developer of Industrial  and Power electronics for Technikon SA (UNISA). Project Manager/System engineer for the development of Electro-optical systems which include video systems for UAV’s and a high resolution Infra-Red Camera. Other activities include the mentorship programs of Kentron, Industrial electronics, rockets and robots training programme for the Denel Youth Foundation Bridging Program as well as training consultant.


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